A mystery tour to me at least, in the 12/50 Alvis before we arrived at the Six Bells at Chiddingly

Never was a pint more earned!

It was mid-November and our group of petrol-heads usually goes for a monthly drive on a Tuesday evening. Coming as I do from Brighton, East Sussex is unknown territory to me at night so I was quite looking forward to seeing where we were going.

Well, I'm still none the wiser although I can usually find my way to the Six Bells at Chiddingly - home to Bikers and VSCC members alike.

They do a jolly good lunch but the the pint of Harveys Old was one of the best pints I've ever had. I see that on draught it's about 4.3% and they only brew it from October to April.

Can't do better than to quote from the brewers themselves..."The advent of 'old' is eagerly awaited by its devotees. Reminiscent of the mild ales produced during the early part of the 20th century, it is brewed to an original gravity of 1040° - 1044° using a high percentage of crystal malt and black sugars. The result is a soft, full beer with a nutty palate."

You can get the bottled variety which comes in at 3.2% but it doesn't sound quite as much fun.

I should point out that most of the noise in the movie was coming from the Triumph 13/60 (shame we weren't a brace of 12/50s)!

Background Photograph taken on AC rally in Ireland, 2010
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