I’ve seen the Future...and nearly got run over

Saturday November 6th 2010, saw the first running of the Future Car Challenge which went from Brighton to London and was for “eco-friendly vehicles at the cutting edge of low-energy technology”

Brighton to London Future Challenge for Eco cars
Electric white van
another white van
The entrants were a mix of...

1 Internal Combustion engines
2 Electric
3 Hybrid electric
4 Hydrogen cell
...and various other combinations.

For a very biased view, see some of my favourites.

Tesla from Essex
Nick Mason
A brace (or should that be a grid?) of Teslas, one driven by Nick Mason (ex Pink Floyd drummer)
Electirc Lotus Elise

A beautifully prepared Lotus Elise Electric

Gordon Murray in his new car

Gordon Murray, who designed some
of the winning Formula 1 Brabhams,
in his new T25 car

...and Yes, electric cars are very quiet…

...especially when they creep up behind you....

Background Photographs taken at Shoreham Airshow
Red arrows shoreham