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Pre-Op 1 

This photo shows rather too well the delamination of the plywood of the inner door panels. The kicking strip/carpet which is laid along the base of the doors to a height of 4 inches has been folded back on itself at the top of the photo.

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Pre-Op 2

This shows the drain hole in the bottom of the frame, which is a very sound door frame, but you can see the poor state of the mild steel metal strip which is screwed on to the frame and to which the aluminium door skin should attach.

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Surgery 1

The patient on the operating table;  the door is mounted in several clamps and vices with operating equipment laid out behind...and various dials which make it appear that the door is on a life-support system - I did say that Ray was very experienced!

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Surgery 2 

The first incisions  - just looking at these photos and writing about it reminds me too much of my dentist.

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Surgery 3

What do we do with this bit? This has been cut off the base of the door; the thinner part of the piece of wood is the leading edge of the door frame.

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Surgery 4 

Transplant complete;  and the piece of wood which was on the outside curvature of the door is now being clamped to the inside of the frame. Result - the frame is the same thickness but now it’s the correct shape!

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Surgery 5

...and now the equivalent of the dressings;  small aluminium brackets have been made to attach to the door frame in place of the old rusty pieces of metal - their positions are adjustable.

Driver's door

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BEFORE - Offside
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AFTER - Offside

Passenger's door

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BEFORE - Offside
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AFTER - Offside

There is slightly more patina in the paintwork where a couple of old screws have pushed against the aluminium but unless I go to Specsavers that should be the least of my problems!

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Background photograph of a trio of 12/50s en route to the Chanteloup hill-climb in France
Straightening the doors on a 12/50 Alvis - 2