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Recommissioning an Amilcar - 4

Next, I discovered that the handbrake kept jumping out of position because the pivot pin was loose in the gearbox cover, so a little bit more of Mr Heath Robinson’s DIY manual….

Has the Recommissioning finally finished….?

Well, this morning (April 1st) I took Sweet Pea down the road for the best drive I’ve had yet; the clutch slips a little, the handbrake works and the sun is shining. I just hope that our editor publishes this before I find out that the recommissioning hasn’t finished yet.After 1 year 3 months and 2 weeks of ownership…

- Miles driven in MINI, AC Cobra and Trailer to buy, make, repair or collect Sweet Pea and parts = 2,100
- Miles driven in 1925 CS = 25
- Emails to/from Craig Little = 103
- Phone calls to Desmond = Probably too many
- People met = Dozens and Dozens
- Fun…by the bucket load
- Free lunch? = There’s no such thing, hence this article!

Thanks to everyone from the Amilcar Register and Cercle Pegase who has helped me.

Background Photograph of Amilcar CS in the South Downs, 2010
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